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8 questions, millions of answers

Ken Blanchard, co-author of “The One-Minute Manager,” “Raving Fans” and other books, has a challenge for us.
As business owners and community leaders, we need to spend time developing a personal mission statement by answering these 4 short questions:
• Why am I in the world?
• What is my overarching purpose?
• What would I like people to say about me after I’m gone?
• What difference will it make that I was here after all?
Our next step is to identify our personal values by answering these questions:
• What is really important to me?
• What do I stand for?
• What 3 values do I want to live by?
• Which values are most important?
This takes soul searching and quiet, thoughtful time. We can’t rush it.
Why is it worth the time and effort?
When we really know who we are, we operate more efficiently and calmly while making often tough decisions.
Even better, we’ll also be able to bring out the magnificence in others. Isn’t that the most important role of a leader?
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