Improve decisions & your bottom line

Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie’s top advisers are women – an exception in a male-dominated sport.
Lurie says he didn’t set out to hire women but to hire the best candidates possible. He was looking for diversity of thought.
He wanted executives who viewed challenges and made decisions differently.
That meant looking for talent outside the world of pro football. As a result, the Eagles think more progressively about player evaluation and in-game decision making.
Philadelphia has been at the forefront of analytically-driven decisions that led to their Super Bowl win 2 years ago.
Recent research indicates diversity in management is the best way to run any business. McKinsey & Co. looked at the financial data of more than 1,000 companies and found those with diverse executives scored bigger profit margins. Companies at the top in gender diversity were 21% more likely to outperform competitors on profit.
In our publishing company we hire the best talent we can find. As a result, 80% of our key people are women, and half of our ownership is female. It has paid off.
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How to drive more profit to your bottom line

Are you happy with your business’s bottom line? We never are. I mean NEVER!
If you are happy with yours, take another look. Over time your costs rise and with it employee and your own pay.
What is the annual net percent of gross for companies your size in your industry? What are their average payroll costs as a percent of gross? How about the average costs of your other expenses?
You may have to raise prices to stay even or to do what others in your industry do.
What if you sold fewer products or services at a higher profit margin? Would that increase your net profit?
What if you sold more at a lower profit margin? Would that increase your profit?
What if you raised prices on your most popular products or services, raised productivity and decreased waste. Any one of these can increase your profits.
One step we are taking is a hard-nosed approach to our operating costs. We aim to shave those costs $100 a day.
With 260 work days a year, that will add $26,000 to our bottom line.
If you did that, what would it add to your bottom line?
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