Maverick entrepreneurs’ independent lives

When anyone asks what’s so special about maverick entrepreneurs, we laugh. It’s like asking why your faith is important to you or why it is that we look forward to each day with such enthusiasm.
“If I have to explain it to you,” I say, “you probably won’t understand it.” But here goes anyway.
• Mavericks are free spirits – innovators who see opportunity in every challenge in their lives.
• They aren’t looking for a warm stall, a bag of oats and a grooming at the barn.
• They are willing to live by their wits, take educated risks, and push the envelope.
• The comfort of a corporate cubicle, a steady pay check, a 9-5 life and dreaming about the weekend is not for them.
• They aren’t foolish risk takers, irresponsible or idle dreamers. They look for opportunities, knowing there will be risks but if they take action, most of their endeavors work out – and pay off.
• They know if this venture doesn’t work, something else will. Just keep looking and working. Pursue your vision, correct your course and swing for the fences.
None of this tells you how to do it, just why. In our book, “Maverick Entrepreneurs’ Million Dollar Strategies,” we not only tell you why but show you how.
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Leaders plan – even in the shower

Jerry Bellune’s January 2019 Leadership Letter

January is always a good time of year for entrepreneurs to look back – and ahead.
Take a look at the goals you set last year. I did and was surprised that half are undone.
Sure, many other opportunities came along and we jumped on them.
As to the unmet goals, we just ran out of time – not desire or energy.
Those go on the 2019 goal list or, if no long valid, go into the dustbin of history.
How’s that for a fancy phrase?
If you aren’t holding yourself accountable, you can bet your colleagues and family are.
Friend and fellow entrepreneur Ruth King advises us to plan and track our results.
Ruth suggests investing at least 15 minutes a day to planning and tracking. Where do you get that? Try:
• 7 minutes in the shower. That’s half the day’s 15 minutes.
• Close your door, shut off your phone, and research for 15 minutes, but at slower times of the day
• Stay home and think. You will begin to enjoy the quiet.
• Plan while you are walking your dog. 
Ruth walks Blackie. I walk Gypsy and Scoop. Or they walk me.
• Get your kids involved. They hear you talk about business and you’ll make them feel like grown-ups when you ask for their opinions. They may come up with ideas you would never think of.
Here are 3 goals at our newspaper and book publishing business you can adapt to your own operation:
1. Lower payroll to 35% of total expense.
2. Cut other expenses we can control by 5%.
3. Raise net profit 5%
Your Leadership Challenge
1. Can I make walking the dog and time in the shower more productive this year?
2. What can we do to improve and track our profits in specific revenue areas?
3. What can we do to lower and track our payroll and other expenses this year?

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Does your advertising make money?

The secrets of advertising that works

Brand marketing is pushed on business owners and professionals by many marketing and advertising companies.
This kind of advertising emphasizes the owner or the professional, their credentials and services they provide. Little of it is about the prospects’ problems, writes successful dentist Greg Wych in “Maverick Entrepreneurs’ Million Dollar Strategies.”
This advertising is usually “pretty” and plays to the ego of the professional, not the needs of or benefits to the prospect.
Although the transaction size can be large, especially in sedation or cosmetic dentistry, this type of advertising has a poor return on investment.
Wych began to study and use direct response and lead generation advertising through the ideas of Dan Kennedy.
This type of advertising may look “ugly.”
No white space. No pictures of the doctor.  No mundane lists of services.
Dan Kennedy preaches the use of the right media to deliver a message that cannot be ignored.  Most importantly, the results must be measurable, Kennedy says.
If you don’t know which ads bring you business, you may be wasting your money.
Wych and 10 other entrepreneurs reveal their secrets in “Maverick Entrepreneurs’ Million Dollar Strategies” which will be published next month.
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