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Who are you selling?

Little-known secrets of selling yourself

Do you have a competitive service or product? Do you, work for or run an amazing company that treats each customer the right way?
If so, you have 2/3rds of the perfect formula for racking up outstanding sales, strong profit margins and the income of your dreams.
The missing ingredient is you.
That’s right. The other 1/3rd is you.
All of us must learn to sell not just our products and services and their benefits but ourselves first and foremost.
Learning to sell yourself to the potential client is the secret. It may sound simple. You might think that people already love you. But if they’re not doing business with you, they must love someone else more.
Think how you can build trust with a potential client. Think about a few more ways you can build a relationship with a complete stranger. Strangers are only strangers until you get to know them.
If you focus your energy on selling yourself to the prospect, you’ll more easily sell your product or service to prospects.
“Once I learned this,” entrepreneur Mike Ward says, “I focused on selling myself.”
Mike reveals his secrets of selling in “Maverick Entrepreneurs’ Million Dollar Strategies.” This new book will help you sell and run your business profitably.
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