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Zig Ziglar knew what he was doing

You must believe in what you sell

Call me old fashioned.
I’ve been sold on the power of newspapers and advertising most of my life.
And it has served me well.
Prospects could tell I was talking with them about something I believed in. Without that belief and the passion it gave me, I may not have sold the first ad campaign.
It takes passion to motivate yourself to get out there and show others how what you offer can improve their lives.
Sales legend Zig Ziglar said that we must have passion and belief in what we offer.
One of Zig’s favorite stories was about his colleague who wasn’t selling much.
Zig asked him if he owned the product.
No, the man said, but he “planned to” after he made a few sales.
Zig sold him a set of cookware that day.
Zig made a commission on it that his colleague could have used as a discount had he taken the initiative to buy it on his own.
We must believe in our product or service so strongly that we own it ourselves.’
If you won’t invest your own money in your offer, how can you expect others to?
Your prospect will feel your lack of belief and passion. Your prospects will perceive that you don’t truly believe in what you are offering and your sales will plummet.
Try this for yourself and see if I’m right.
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