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VIP Master Mind

Is the VIP Club for you?
Membership in the VIP Club Master Mind isn’t for everybody.
It’s an exclusive opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners and their partners.
We are dedicated to helping you take your business to higher levels of service and profitability.
Marketing agency owner Jeff Ranta calls this “an exciting opportunity to GROW your business. Bring a pad and a pen because ideas fly around the room at the speed of thought.”
What’s in it for you?
As a business owner, you will gain at least five blockbuster business building benefits.
1. Fast track, proven ideas and strategies used by your fellow Master Minders. 
Why re-invent the wheel? Short cut it at lightning speed.
2. Friendly accountability, coaching and encouragement from your fellow members.
3. The awesome power of group creative thinking. 
Imagine the exponential benefits of brainstorming with other experienced business owners.
4. A peer group of like-minded entrepreneurs as your exclusive advisory board.
Think ‘Disney Imagineers’ as your personal advisory committee.
5. An opportunity for joint ventures and business alliances. 
In one of our Master Mind groups, dentist Greg Wych reported an incredible joint venture that brought in over $18,000 in new business on an $1,00 investment — more than 18-to-1 ROI.
“Jerry is an incredibly insightful and wise businessman,” Dr. Wych said. “He totally understands direct response, measurable marketing in his newspaper and marketing consulting businesses.
“He has taught me much about copywriting and the psychology of selling. I have read and benefited from Jerry’s books and marketing newsletters. Any business would profit by following Jerry’s message.”
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