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Million Dollar Strategies

Learn from the best

We published a sequel to our highly-successful “Killer Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs” in 2018. This is a collection of strategies from highly successful people who show you how they do what they do. You can get a digital copy on Amazon right now by clicking here:

Million Dollar Strategies of Maverick Entrepreneurs

How They Sell More to More People More Often for More Money There are two kinds of people in our world today — mavericks and saddle horses. Saddle horses depend on their owners to house them, feed them and tell them when and where to get up, go out, come back to the barn and sleep. They move with no real direction around the same field day after day, with their heads down, grazing on the same grass and occasionally get to run when someone climbs on their backs. All that keeps them in is one thin strand of wire and the expectation that they will be cared for.Then there are mavericks like the co-authors of this little book.Mavericks run wild. They live on the open range where every day is different and danger lurks around every rock. Mavericks remain alert at all times and on the lookout for opportunities and challenges. They don’t need anyone to feed or take care of them. Tell them they can’t do something — that it’s stupid, impractical or impossible — and watch out. They will do it. If they get knocked down, they get back up and keep running for their goals. They aren’t guaranteed success or happiness. They prefer to hunt for them.What’s the bottom line? If you corral mavericks, they will do whatever it takes to break through any fence to gain their freedom and independence. They don’t want anything less — nor will they settle for anything less.
You’ve picked up this book for one of several specific reasons.
You thought it had an unusual title that promised million dollar strategies.
Strategies that are out of the ordinary. Strategies that get extraordinary results.
And how can you know that these strategies are worth what we say they are?
You have to try them for yourself. They already field tested and worked for all of us.
Why else did you pick up this book?
You thought it might help you and your business make more money and reach greater heights.
But you may be wondering what it takes to become a “maverick entrepreneur.”
Let take the easiest part first.
A dictionary definition of a “maverick” comes close: “Being independent in thought and action.”
Mavericks are not conformists. They don’t think and act in traditional ways.
They are overachievers, visionaries, leaders, risk takers.
They speak their minds and aren’t afraid of stepping on a few toes.
In other words, their great success comes from bold thinking and acting.
They are pioneers in thought and action in whatever they do. Much like you . . . or you should be.
Do you have a maverick mindset?
I’ll bet you know a few highly successful people who are or were extremely independent.
To name a few you’ll recognize: Walt Disney, Mary Kay Ashe, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Meg Whitman.
Disney created intriguing cartoon characters and parlayed them into a billion-dollar magic kingdom.
Mary Kay Ashe created one of the hottest selling cosmetic lines selling though female entrepreneurs.
Gates, Jobs and Whitman were visionaries in the high tech world and made mega-millions in it.
These five were larger than life personalities who thought and acted independently.
Each was highly successful in one or more fields.
All of them showed vision, leadership and highly distinctive personalities.
All of them knew how to market themselves, their ideas, values and beliefs.
Are you a fellow over-achiever and risk-taker?
“Entrepreneur” is a word some people can’t spell much less know what it means.
The dictionary defines it as someone who operates and assumes the risk for a business venture.
That’s a rather dry description of an exciting occupation.
To us, entrepreneurs are risk takers who calculate and reduce as much risk as possible.
They do not let risk stop or even slow them down.
They are people of action as well as of thought.
They calculate the odds and act when the odds are favorable.
They are willing to try a lot of tactics, strategies and ventures, knowing some will fail.
They practice, as Michael Masterson says, “ready, fire, aim”.
That means they will fire off a lot of shots and take aim at those that succeed.
Why are advertising, marketing and sales critical to you?
Too few business owners and entrepreneurs recognize the importance of this three-pronged approach
They get into business because they see an occupation or turn a passion into a business.
But they never learn that as the owner, they are in charge of advertising, marketing and sales.
Without them, their businesses will remain marginal at best and die, like so many others, at worst.
Advertising is a key ingredient whether broadcast, mail, online, outdoor, print, you name it.
It most notably includes “word of mouth” advertising and what drives it.
In its widest meaning, the meaning we talk about in this book, it means:
Whatever you do successfully to attract clients or patients and keep them loyal to you.
Retention is one of our greatest challenges in business.
But without a loyal herd, as Dan Kennedy says, we don’t have a reliable client base.
We end up pursuing “new” business rather than generating business from those who trust us.
Why should you ignore the big corporations?
“Most small business advertising and marketing stinks,” Kennedy wrote in “No B.S. Direct Marketing.”
“Monstrous sums are wasted and opportunities lost.
“Pretty much everything you think you know about this is wrong.”
Kennedy is a contrarian as are all maverick entrepreneurs.
Ignore what you see big corporations doing. That’s not for us mavericks.
They are the blind leading the blind.
Take a look at any big corporate ad on TV or in print.
They don’t have a clue as to how to attract business.
It’s a wonder than any of them survived long enough to become “big” corporations.
Warning: You’re in danger of “Getting it”
The co-authors of this book will show you radical ways to think and take action.
They will show you how they attract and retain clients and patients.
As you begin to “get it”, the light bulb will go off and you’ll wonder why you didn’t see it before.
You will see every sales and marketing strategy in a new and more effective light.
You’ll see the limitations of “traditional” ads, brochures, commercials, flyers and sales letters.
You’ll see the limitations to the way “traditional” businesses market to their prospects.
You will change the way you think, act, advertise and market.
When you do, you will become the subject of criticism.
Your friends and colleagues may argue with you.
Some will even wonder if you have perhaps lost your mind.
A friend of ours who runs three successful dental practices found this out recently when a hygienist quit.
As she walked out, she told him she thought he was wrong to use his marketing methods.
In all the time she worked for him, she just didn’t “get it”.
But she was careful not to let him know, to voice her opinion, to be honest with him.
Perhaps she thought it might cost her the job.
But she didn’t know him well. A healthy discussion of his marketing would have cleared the air.
He would have taken the time to show her why he was doing what he did and why it was successful.Why you should follow the success path
You must have the courage, moxie and commitment to take a different path.
This is not easy. You will be bucking the tide, going against accepted methods.
But if you follow the path of the mediocre wannabes, you will get only mediocre results.
As you begin to adopt and put into practice the secrets you discover will be a refreshing change.
Others will begin to notice your results and seek your advice and opinion.
You will attract clients and patients like a magnet.
They will see your success and be attracted to it like moths to a flame.
The entrepreneurial types will want to know how you’ve done what you’ve done.
They will want to become part of your success or learn from you to create their own success.
You can find no better mentors that my co-authors whose secrets you are about to discover.
Make your commitment
What you will learn and can customize as your own secrets should strengthen your resolve.
If others can do it, you must think, then I can do it, too.
Your road map is not difficult to follow.
What’s the great purpose of this book?
We wrote this because we believe entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy.
They create businesses, jobs and wealth that they are willing to pump back into their communities.
If our example encourages you to dare to run a business, you ultimately improve the economy and create jobs.
As an entrepreneur, you will be willing to launch a business and accept responsibility for its success.
You will not be risk adverse but you will not be foolish either.
You will weigh the odds, decide which ones are in your favor and take action.
I don’t know any successful entrepreneurs who have not suffered failures.
They, like you, just don’t give up.
They, like you, have courage, moxie and commitment.
Now read and “get it” and, most important, go forth and multiply.
We need you and other entrepreneurs to keep America strong and a shining example to the world.
Read, understand, take notes, develop a plan and go forth and conquer.

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