Your ‘Goldilocks Offers’ will close more sales

If you’ve shopped at your local grocer lately, you may have noticed “Yogurt-copia.”
There are so many choices – apple, banana cream pie, orange, peach, strawberry, etc. – it is dazzling and confusing. Which ones should you buy?
Consumer research shows this is having a negative impact on consumer sales. The multiple choices are hurting – not helping – boost yogurt sales.
That should be no surprise if you’ve read Robert Cialdini’s excellent book, “Influence.” Cialdini writes that fewer choices actually boost sales. Otherwise consumers become lost in the forest of choices.
Go to the frozen food section and you will find a similar cornucopia.
You’ll find a staggering array of brands and flavors of ice cream, frozen yogurt and ice milk.
Which will your family like?
In the Goldilocks story, 1 bowl of porridge was too hot, 1 too cold and 1 just right for Goldilocks.
She chose the 1 just right.
I recommend you limit, not expand, the choices you offer clients and prospects.Your understanding of your prospects’ wants and needs helps you pick the 3 best choices to offer them.
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