Your advertising can change your results

40 years ago, ace copywriter Denny Hatch heard Dorothy Kerr of US News & World Report say, “If you want to be successful in direct mail, you have to know who’s mailing what and track which mailings come in over and over again. These are the controls – the hugely profitable money-makers that are making marketers rich. Save them, study them and steal smart.”
Denny started collecting junk mail – filing it by category, analyzing it, labeling it and tracking mailers that came in over and over again. Those were the ones that had worked with great success.
You can do the same thing with any advertising you plan to do for your business.
Save mailers. Tear ads out of magazines and newspapers. Record radio and TV commercials that are often repeated. Create digital files for ads you find online that could stimulate ideas for your own advertising.
Those who buy advertising repeat those that draw the most response.
Whether you create your own ads, get them from your vendors or use an ad agency, you are directly responsible for their cost – and their effectiveness. It’s your money.
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Giving becomes enlightened self-interest

Last week, 15 local authors and 5 of us from our publishing company gathered at the library to autograph books.
These books make unique gifts because the authors personally autograph them to whoever you plan to give them to, many of them people who are hard to find gifts for.
The event is a fundraiser for our local adult literacy tutoring program. It is 1 of the local charities we support. It is enlightened self-interest. Illiterate people will never become book and newspaper readers.
This is not the only local charity we give to, not only money but volunteer time.
Years ago we supported a local Christmas charity called Adopt a Family. Aging widows, families in crises and others in need were nominated by churches, social service agencies and community leaders.
We personally visited each of them to determine their needs and published them, without their names, in our newspaper. Church, civic and business groups volunteered to adopt and meet their needs.
It was a lot of work. We did not think about it as enlightened self-interest but it proved to be. When we started another publishing company, the business leaders remembered and gave us their business.
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Your local advertising drives higher sales

Local advertising is a small business’s best bet to attract customers, say advertising experts Brian and Michelle Mattingly.
A simple, targeted approach to advertising will almost always yield better results if you work with limited dollars.
A primary benefit of local advertising is forming local connections. These are more powerful than the shallow, national connections big corporations try to form with a geographically diverse audience.
You need to continue to do digital advertising with social media, your website and online offers to your customers. But Brian and Michelle advise not to underestimate the value in local print advertising.
While others are investing their last pennies in digital campaigns, your audience is saturated with online advertising. You need a presence online, but it’s smart to set aside a healthy portion of your budget to invest in local newspapers.
Find an affordable, reliable printer to help you develop creative local campaigns with booklets, brochures, calendars, catalogs and other tangible resources.
Your dollar will stretch farther and you can measure the results.
We share such ideas in “Maverick Entrepreneurs’ Million Dollar Strategies.”
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