Is ‘selling’ the wrong word to use?

Salesman Harv Eker says he doesn’t like the word sell. He’s not alone. He thinks it has a negative connotation.
He suggests that to avoid saying “sell,” say “help.” By using “help,” you emphasize an important distinction in your thinking and customers’ or prospects’ thinking.
Harv wants you to help people, not sell them something. It makes sense.
Most prospects want solutions to their problems – not products. They want what your products can do for them. That’s the main reason they buy from you.
The other reasons are that you offer them a benefit too great to refuse or the fulfillment of their hopes and dreams.
No one buys from you because you’re smart, trustworthy or good-looking.
They give you money because you solve a pain or a problem for them or offer such value or hope that they can’t refuse.
The Godfather had it right. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. If they don’t see how you can solve their problems, you’re wasting your time and theirs.
Here’s one we have found that also works: Use “invest” instead of “buy.”
“Buy” implies an outgo of their money.
“Invest” suggests a return and reward.
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Lexington native shows how to sell more

How do you put out fires in your life?
Specifically, how do you prioritize in making important decisions?
Professional speaker and insurance agency manager Michael Aun has developed a system that could help you set priorities.
Michael uses a daytimer to set his schedule, take notes and be accountable if Uncle Sam wants a close look at his deductions.
He uses a 2-page system, keeping longer-term goals and projects on one and the current day’s schedule on the other.
These are the appointments already scheduled. They have “A” priority.
He prepares thoroughly for these appointments so that there are no guessing games about the purpose of his visit or what he wants to accomplish. These take priority over the rest of his day.
He spaces appointments 2 hours apart, starting at 8 am and running to 8 pm. This gives him 7 time slots that he can use for “green” activity – making money. He says he can’t sell people unless he sees them.
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